How do I get the Audioshelf App?

In order to listen to any audiobooks purchased on the Audioshelf Shop, you need to download the Audioshelf App for free from either The Play Store for Android users or The App Store for iOS users.

I've downloaded and installed the Audioshelf App, what now?

The next step is to register an account on the Audioshelf Shop website. Please click on the 'My Account' tab on the top right menu to begin your registration process. Follow the prompts and fill in your details. You're all set to start shopping!

I've registered my account and after browsing your shop I've decided on the audiobook I want. How do I get it?

After logging in with your Audioshelf account details, simply click 'Add to Cart' below the audiobook you would like to purchase. Click the 'Cart' menu item under the 'My Account' tab to view what items are in your cart, or click 'Checkout' if you are ready to place your order.

I'm ready to pay, what are the payment options?

Once you've placed your order, you will be directed to the PayFast gateway to make payment. PayFast is one of the most trusted payment gateways out there, and is used by thousands of retailers. PayFast accepts all major credit and debit cards, as well as EFT as payment.

I've made my payment, how do I get listening?

Simply open up your Audioshelf App on your phone, login with your registered account details, and your audiobook will appear in your library, ready for you to enjoy!

I can't Login to the App, even though my Email and Password are correct

Please ensure your password does not contain the following symbols: #,$,%,&. If it does, please login to your user account and change it.

Will I be able to exit the App and start my audiobook from the same point I left off?

At this point, it will continue from the beginning of the last chapter you were listening to. We are currently working with our developers to create more specific bookmark points.

How do I navigate to different chapters of my audiobook?

Once you've opened your audiobook, simply click the menu button on the top right hand corner of your screen, you will then be able to choose the chapter you would like to listen to

I'm a publisher or author and would like to sell my audiobook on your platform, how do I do that?

Great! Simply send a message to and we'll give you all the details. We produce our very own audiobooks in our sound studios based in Cape Town and would love to help bring your book to life as audio

I don't see my question here, help?

We're here to assist you, please send a message to for general enquiries, or for any order related queries