Bonny Teaches Corry How to Fall Asleep


by Alan Johnstone

Narrated by Alan Johnstone

Length: 19 minutes




This story helps children helps children to learn to fall asleep by assisting the child to subconsciously accept behavioural change as he or she listens to a story.

Children learn through stories and easily associate with the characters in stories. This natural tendency provides a parent a wonderful opportunity to guide his or her child’s behaviour and feelings and teach them understandings with which to improve their EQ.

In the accompanying ebook*, notes are provided which teach parents, educators and play therapists the valuable skills of story telling. The notes are interspersed in the story and explain why certain words and ideas are offered in the story.

Other stories include:
Corry the monkey is done sucking his thumb. (Helping children overcome thumb sucking.)
Timmy the kittens bed stays dry. (Helping children overcome bed wetting.)
Benny the lion learns it’s not his fault. (Helps children cope when parents are in conflict.)
* The ebook is available at Amazon: (link will be provided shortly).

* A hard copy book of all four stories that includes a Cd. and colouring book is also available at Publishing World SA: (link will be provided shortly).

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