Healing Rhinos and Other Souls


by Stephanie Rohrbach

Narrated by Stephanie Rohrbach and Bokkie Botha

Length: 8 hours 52 min




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Healing Rhinos and Other Souls tells the story of a much respected if unorthodox vet, a family man who loved and understood nature and all her creatures, a reluctant businessman, a somewhat exuberant driver, a humble person, a great storyteller and a wonderful friend to many.

For nearly fifty years Walter Eschenburg lived and worked as a pioneering wildlife vet in the South African bushveld with its many animals and a host of weird and wonderful people. After a childhood spent in a German castle during the Second World War, a harrowing escape from the Russian army and a sequence of bold moves and fortunate circumstances, it is here, against the backdrop of the harsh but beautiful landscapes of the Waterberg, that Walter comes into his own and develops into a seasoned vet. He encounters charging rhinos, tame buffalo, irate cows and angry giraffes; he deals with snakes and warthogs, amorous elephants, cats, dogs and donkeys. He treats his patients with compassion and kindness, and his clients with large doses of humour.

Healing Rhinos and Other Souls is a story of love and life; of nature and adventures; of humour, passion and understanding. It is a story about a man who was simply himself all his life, the story of a life well lived.


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Title: Healing Rhinos and Other Souls

Written by: Stephanie Rohrbach

Published by: Audioshelf (Pty) Ltd.

Published: 20 February 2017

Read by: Stephanie Rohrbach and Bokkie Botha

Duration: 8 Hours 52 Minutes

Genre: Memoir, Biography

ISBN: 978-1-5094787-7-4