I’m the Patient Not the Shrink


by Cal Kennedy

Narrated by Malcolm Gooding

Length: 8 hours  51 min




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Just how do you navigate life with a mental illness? What effect does it have on day to day activities and future plans? I’m the Patient Not the Shrink takes you on a journey through an ordinary life, lived against extraordinary odds. You won’t find easy answers in this book, but you’ll be given a unique insight into the raw and devastating pain of a mental breakdown. Author Cal Kennedy opens a window to the daily struggle of living with polar disorders and dyspraxia. With humour and honesty, Cal explores his own experiences and offers up a rare perspective on the few highs and devastating lows of of these disorders.


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Cal Kennedy has degrees in Sound Engineering, Special Events and a Post Graduate Degree in Business Management from the University of Cape Town. Cal has run his special events company for thirty-two years and has been in broadcasting for over thirty-eight. Socially, he is a professional skydiver, advanced scuba diver and established a world cycling record in 1988. He has been fighting unipolar disorder all his life and skirts the edges of mania and depression on a daily basis. Cal’s mantra is to try and stay alive as long as possible…so far so good!

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Title: I’m the Patient Not the Shrink

Written by:  Cal Kennedy

Published by: Audioshelf (Pty) Ltd.

Published: 15 June 2019

Read by:  Malcolm Gooding

Duration: 8 Hours 51 Minutes

Genre: Memoirs/Self-Development

ISBN: 978-0-6399608-4-5