by Jasper Cloete

Narrated by Tony Copple

Length: 7 hours 15 Minutes




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How will it change your life and that of your family if you could discover the secret template on which generational families have built their family wealth to last over three generations?

This book will introduce you to an ancient truth (recently re-discovered) on how to turn your one-generational family (programmed by the current system to remain in financial lack and pain) into a three-generational family experiencing abundance and prosperity (even in your lifetime)!

This book explains the generational wealth building journey in a step-by-step sequence in a way that will work for every family who wishes to embark on this journey, regardless of where you are starting from (eg. unemployment, illiteracy, nationality, or religion).

This book explains the journey from struggle to stability to success to significance.

In Chapter 9, the book takes the reader through a detailed process on how he can transforms his current one-generational family into a three-generational family.

This book is based on the real life stories of existing three-generational families but the template has been successfully followed by members of the Generational Inheritance Group (GIG) movement since 2008. To learn more on the GIG movement, go to www.gig-institute.com


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Title: Legacy

Written by: Jasper Cloete

Published by: Audioshelf (Pty) Ltd.

Published: 19 November 2019

Read by: Tony Copple

Duration: 7 hours 15 Minutes

Genre: Business

ISBN: 9780639810775