Little Rosy Lost Her Way

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by Kasthurie Govender

Narrated by Megan Furniss

Length: 6 minutes




This is a beautiful children’s audiobook about a little girl called Rosy. Because she did not follow her Mummy‛s instructions, she was left stranded at a train station for a few hours.

She was very sad and frightened! Luckily, she met a little elephant called Ganesh who was travelling to a zoo. Ganesh looked after and comforted the little girl, and they became very good friends.

This is a story with an important lesson for all children –
a story that is also heart-warming and comforting.


About the Author

Kasthurie was born in Durban, South Africa and raised in Lenasia, Johannesburg, where she completed her schooling education.

At the age of nineteen she moved back to Durban to continue her tertiary education. In that year she met her husband and five years later were married. They were blessed with a beautiful baby boy and four years later, a beautiful, bright-eyed baby girl arrived.

Kasthurie says her deep desire is for all the children of this world to hold onto their innocence and purity. It is only through this can they bring forth the light that will transform this dark age of pain and suffering into “Heaven on Earth”.

Copies of “Little Rosy…” has travelled to America, Australia, Cape Town, Gauteng and Durban. The book is already part of a number of Libraries in KZN-South Africa with more to follow…

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1 review for Little Rosy Lost Her Way

  1. Delia

    Love this book, it’s so beautifully written 🙂

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