Mystical Realms


by ZP Dala

Narrated by Terry Lloyd-Roberts

Length: 1 Hour 13 Minutes




Zahra’s life changes forever when a member of the Yaadennii Dynasty appears at her cottage door. Hidden by her father and unaware of their past, Zahra is swept away by the stranger’s fantastic stories of The Thirteen Mystical Realms – stories of Magic and Sorcerers, Wizards and Sayers, Tellers, Seers and Guides. But when Zahra’s father tries to protest and conceal the truth, the shy young girl is all the more intrigued. Who is this stranger and where is he really from? Will the mystery of her missing mother come to light? As the truth unfolds and the veil of her quiet life is torn away, Zahra is set on a path she never dreamed possible.

The first installment in ‘The Secret of The Mystical Realms’ series and a fantastic short story for fans of the fantasy genre!


About the Author

Zainub Dala is a writer of various genres of fiction, having been a winner in two short story competitions in leading South African magazines. She is a psychologist by profession but chooses to practice writing full time, as well as being a mom to a newborn baby boy and a four year old girl. This story was written while Zainub was in hospital after the birth of her daughter, and is a story very close to her heart. She is married to Elias and they live in the coastal city of Durban, South Africa. She has recently been listed by the Sunday Times as one of the top novelists to look out for in 2015.

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