On the Fifth Night


by Michael Howard

Narrated by Jack Spencer

Length: 5 hours 9 min




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Death is a delusion. See for yourself.

Greta, Anne and Mark make an unusual love triangle. Greta is the late wife who died of Huntington’s disease. And Anne, the volatile second wife, sees dead people.

Husband Mark is a consulting engineer with no inclination toward flights of fancy, until Anne’s shocking death. He’s convinced he spent hours in conversation with her, but she was already lying lifeless in a coroner’s office miles away. The doctor tells him his experience is typical of psychotic episodes induced by trauma.

So begins Mark’s journey into the paranormal. He worries his experiences are symptoms of his cracked mind, but the enlightening presence of Anne, and a spiritual teacher’s wisdom, begin to convince him otherwise.

Then indisputable proof. Mangled metal and dismembered bodies fade from his sight as he enters the eternal sea of consciousness. It is time to know that the good doctor’s diagnosis was wrong. Time to look and see for himself that the line between this world and the next is blurred, and death is a delusion


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michael howard

Michael Howard influences individuals across a broad spectrum of society. He is a freelance consultant, having worked with some of the world’s top companies. He holds degrees in Engineering, Theology and Philosophy, has written two books on personal development, and is an internationally-acclaimed teacher. He is an entrepreneur, businessman and family-man, and is on a quest for full self-actualisation and self-transcendence… a never-ending quest.

Michael says: There are two extremes in me. Trying to reconcile them, forces me on a quest for meaning. I am a warrior and a priest. The warrior comes from my heritage on my mother’s side – revolutionaries fighting against the Ottomans in the mountains of Lebanon. The priest is from a line of Maronite Catholic patriarchs hundreds of years ago in those same mountains.

I am an engineer and a mystic.

I studied engineering and made my living in the engineering consulting field. But, like many post-modern people, I was disillusioned with modern ‘successes’ and sought something more than the answers I got from engineering. So I studied theology and philosophy, finding myself drawn more and more into the mystical traditions of many religions.

jack spencer

Jack Spencer can deliver the perfect style, tone and pace for your material, interpret the script with just the right amount of ‘light and shade’, and help turn out a truly professional product.

That’s what he tries to do every time he sits in a sound-booth and put on the headphones – to take what an author has written and transform it into the spoken word and bring the author’s story to life.

Title: On the Fifth Night

Written by: Michael Howard

Published by: Audioshelf (Pty) Ltd.

Published: 25 September 2018

Read by: Jack Spencer

Duration: 5 Hours 9 Minutes

Genre:  Spirituality, Self-Development

ISBN:  978-0-9947029-8-2