The Boy who Ate the Universe


by Jimmy McGregor

Narrated by Adrian Galley

Length: 5 minutes




Billy likes to eat. A lot. His parents don’t know what to do with him as Billy is starting to eat more and more, and it’s not just limited to food. The townsfolk are getting desperate, and are running out of ideas. Then someone has the great idea to send Billy off to the moon, and Billy couldn’t be happier!

A delightful poem for kids about the Man in the Moon, in addition to providing us all with a valuable lesson in eating habits!


About the Author

Jimmy McGregor owns and runs his own digital design studio, situated in the heart of Cape Town’s CBD. He describes himself as “A writer, musician, technophile and purveyor of all things macabre, other-wordly, and preferably drenched in science.”

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