Who Knew You Had It In You?


by Neville Melville

Narrated by Adrian Galley

Length: 2 hours  38 min




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Who knew you had Greatness within you? Hopefully your parents or teachers recognized your potential and nurtured it and encouraged you. Embedded deep within your DNA are the same qualities that led our ancient ancestors to become the most successful species on Earth against all odds.Tragically, all but a few people fail to reach their potential Greatness, instead being robbed of their destinies by the harsh realities of life and the pushers of negativity, which is as addictive as crack cocaine. Who Knew shows you how to “restore your factory settings” and achieve the Greatness lying dormant in you.Included: * 7 deadly sins of negativity* Conquering negativity: 12-Step Programme* Finding the song in your heart: 10 Techniques* Set your sights on your Everest* The Viking concept of Sisu (indominable spirit)


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Neville Melville’s family lost virtually everything when his father died following a long and expensive illness when he was six years old. His experiences growing up in an impoverished environment led to his passion for access to justice for the ordinary person. This seemed a remote dream until a friend of the family encouraged him to pursue the potential that was within him.

Melville had to overcome many hardships and privations to put himself through university and eventually gain admittance as an advocate. He devoted most of his career to providing a means for tens of thousands of consumers and citizens to gain free access to redress/ justice.

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Title: Who Knew You Had It In You?

Written by:  Neville Melville

Published by: Audioshelf (Pty) Ltd.

Published: 25 June 2019

Read by: Adrian Galley

Duration: 2 Hours 38 Minutes

Genre: Self-Development